How Do You Manage YOUR Risk?

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Managed Security and IT services from Sphinx help manage your businesses risk. Our protections help make your business a smaller target for cyber criminals. We monitor your infrastructure to detect and stop threats. We also setup your environment for rapid recovery if you do get attacked.

Sphinx Protect – Managed IT Security and Support

With our Sphinx Protect Managed IT and Security Plan we make sure your environment is protected from threats, monitored for any threats that may get through and configured to rapid recovery in the event that a breach occurs.
Sphinx Protect - Armor


In today’s mobile workforce you need to have the best armor possible. We protect your devices with best in class next generation security software that uses artificial intelligence instead of outdated definition files. We also use top of the line monitoring to catch and stop threats that may get past protection software.
Sphinx Protect - Shield


Email attacks account for a large percentage of cyber attacks and you need to make sure you have a good shield to repel these ranged attacks. We utilize top notch security to protect your email at the server level to defend against attacks before they can even reach your device.
Sphinx Protect - Pyramid


We utilize top of the line next generation firewalls to protect your company networks. Our firewalls are fine tuned to block intruders, scan for viruses and protect against nefarious websites. Our network monitoring can locate any potentials threats that may have slipped through and stop them in their tracks.

How It Works

Strategy call where we discuss the nature of your business and you IT/Security needs.

We perform a security risk assessment on your business to assess where your risk is.

Presentation of the security risk assessment and managed service proposal to manage your IT security and support.

Sphinx is Different

We take a 3 Step Approach to your Security


We implement protections to make you as small of a target as possible to hackers. 


We constantly monitor to detect and stop any potential threats that may attempt to breach your systems.


We know that no matter how hardened your security may be, nothing is 100%. That is why we also work to ensure that you can recover in a fast a predictable manner in the event you do get breached.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting and recovering computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.
  • Are Cybersecurity threats increasing?
  • Yes, at an alarming rate. There was a 424% increase in authentic and new breaches of small businesses in 2018. Additionally, the techniques being utilized by hackers are becoming increasingly more complex and coordinated.
  • I am such a small business that they will never come after me, right?
  • Two thirds of small businesses surveyed in 2018 reported suffering a cyber attack in the previous 12 months. Small businesses typically have little to no protections in place and are “low hanging fruit” for hackers. 
  • I have Cyber insurance, so I do not need Cybersecurity services, right?
  • No, in fact by not having cybersecurity protections in place you may be wasting your money on that insurance policy. Most decent cybersecurity policies require that you have preventative measures in place to protect against attacks. If you don’t, they may deny your claims due to negligence. Some of the more basic policies only pay out for the recovery from an attack. If you did not have proper IT in place prior to the breach you may not have anything to recover rendering that policy useless. 
  • I do not have anything sensitive on my systems.
  • This is why a security risk assessment is key. We almost always find some sensitive data (social security numbers, bank account numbers, etc.) when we perform these assessments. Even if you do not have much data that might be sensitive to someone else, it’s probably critical to your business operations. If you arrived at the office one morning to find out that all of your data was gone or encrypted what would that cost your business until you got it back? If you got it back?
  • Cybersecurity is too expensive.
  • Not having cybersecurity can be considerably more expensive. It can even put you out of business. In 2019 cyber attacks cost small businesses an average of 2.2 Million dollars and 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber attack go out of business within 6 months.
Sphinx Cybersecurity is a Managed Security and IT Services provider to small-medium businesses.


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